Biturbo Festa 2010 was held at the lawn garden of Nippondaira hotel as the first event for limited to Maserati Biturbo in Japan on 16th May 2010.

85 Maserati Biturbos were gathered together from Aomori in North area of Japan or from Fukuoka in South area of Japan, even it was difficult to expect how many Biturbo can perticipate because many of them were already more than 20 years old.

Maserati Biturbo were very minor known and less opportunity to see Biturbo in Japan at that time. The sight of beasutiful Maseratis in lawn garden was very impressed and make owners heartened with the passion of Biturbo owners.

No media had perticipated to this event and no article on any magazine in Japan but this event was known in the world through internet and there were some contacts from England, France, United States etc.

"Biturbo Festa" event was very prouded.

"Biturbo Festa" was planned as one time event but there are always request from Biturbo owners for 2nd Biturbo festa.

It spent already 7 years after previous Biturbo Festa. Some owner could be changed, some owner still love their Biturbo. We are pleased to see the paradise of Biturbo this year again.

Biturbo Festa 2017 Operation Committee